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Erika: 2006

Recent Entries

6/30/06 04:36 pm

Going to LA w/Nicole and Kelly next week. We don't really know what the hell we're going to do there... but we get to see a bunch of friends out there so I can't wait. We also got invited to this event at the Playboy mansion... that should be fun.. And I booked a room at The Standard in downtown LA and just found out the shower is in the bedroom and encased in glass, so that might be weird... but fuck, we'll be in LA so I don't relly care if everyone gets to see me naked.

6/15/06 11:55 am

Should i move to San Francisco?

5/23/06 11:28 am


-guys that go around claiming they had sex with me. it didn't happen and never ever will, losers.

-aimee. i listened to her talk shit about me for 15 minutes on speakerphone with kelly, then when i called her twice she didn't have the guts to pick up and confront me to my face.

-aimee. i think she actually believes the stories she makes up in her head.

-my gerber daisies. it only took a week for me to kill them.

-the website i'm making. i've spent the past 2 hours just trying to figure out how to center it in the damn browser. still don't know.

-the weather. can we get ONE DAY of sun?

-people who cry for stupid reasons when they're drunk.

-me trying to ride a bicycle on the streets of atlanta.

-lindsay lohan's giant ego and the fact that celebrity trash gossip fiends like me give her the right to it.

5/21/06 03:46 am

why is that on days like this... when nothing particularly terrible happened.. i end up feeling like shit because of reasons such as.... the fact that people suck in general and.. the fact that those same sucky people have the power to control whether or not i have a good day....

5/1/06 08:04 pm

One thing I think everyone needs to get into their heads is that just because someone appears to have a perfect life, it doesn't mean they do. I've been noticing that a lot of people make judgments about me because I drive a nice car and live in a big house and don't have to work a part time job. They believe I'm not entitled to talk about my problems or that I shouldn't have problems, period. Just because I get sad about certain things sometimes doesn't mean I don't appreciate all the good in my life. What if I said, "She's tall and thin so she should be happy with her life." or "He is in a hot band so he should be happy." or "You are in the perfect relationship so you should be happy." I have things people assume would make a person content, but it doesn't work that way. We all have something someone else wants. I get lonely, I get jealous, I get stressed. Maybe for different reasons, but I'm allowed these emotions the same as anyone else. Thank you.

4/16/06 08:50 pm

Caroline and I were listening to Cartel in the car today, and a line from the song "Burn This City" really struck a chord with me.

"At least we know that if we die, we lived with passion."

From this day on, all I want is to be passionate about life. With my last dying breath, I want to be able to say that I did. So I will. I'm kinda psyched about this newfound enlightenment.

4/9/06 10:41 am

I just spent a week in Puerto Rico. All 12 members of my family went - My stepdad Chris and his 5 kids (age 11 to 23), his 2 grandkids, my mom, sister, and brother. And me. Family vacations SUCK. Sometimes I think, I don't understand most people but at least I have my family. But truth is, I don't get along with the people in my family and relate to them even less than others. They all see me as the outcast because I seclude myself. But why should I fake liking them when I think they're the most annoying people I've ever met?

My parents caused me to miss The Sounds show last night. I've been waiting for this show for practically 3 years. They're from Sweden and have never played in Atlanta before. And probably won't again for a while. I cried and cried and cried. I told them it meant a lot to me, but it's like they didn't view a concert as significant so they disregarded my feelings. Who are they to decide what's important to me? I mean if this was my best friend's funeral would they have made more of an effort to get me back in time for it? Probably. But that's not fair. This show was just as important to me. Sad, but true. Today I'm mourning.

What's with all the controversy about that 9/11 film? America is a bunch of pussies. "Oh my God, a movie that shows us an event where we already know exactly what happens! That upsets me!! I'm going to cry!!" Some theaters banned the trailer..? People who can't even watch a fuckin preview without getting a hernia need to be shot. They're shielding themselves from reality. It's fuckin drama, that's what it is. Get over it, shit happens. 9/11 happened. It's shitty, but avoiding the fact won't make it disappear.

3/28/06 08:15 pm

Screw you Rachel Ray. How do you make cooking seem so delightfully cute? I've been trying to learn how it's done. The only thing I've learned is that cooking is a pricey bitch. The meal I made tonight cost $25 for ingredients plus $10 for a new knife. The food was mediocre, and now I'm left with a huge mess in the kitchen. But instead of cleaning, I'm going to sit on my ass, chug my 6 pack of Michelob Ultra, and watch American Idol.

3/25/06 06:26 pm

Kate Moss doesn't do drugs.

3/24/06 01:27 am - Recap

Here's how I spent yesterday and today. Had Thai for lunch at Surin with Gibb. It was my first time hanging out with him alone, and he paid even though I just talked about the guys I've been dating lately and the one I'm seeing now. How nice of him. Then we went to that Bodies exhibition at the Civic Center. Not worth the 20 dollar ticket, but interesting. They had real dead fetuses on display, and that was rather disturbing. I then went to Rachel's had some beers. I went home and washed my car. I showered and watched The Squid and the Whale at Justin's. The characters in that movie are amazing. The 12 year old boy masturbated everywhere he went and would wipe his semen on miscellaneous objects. Later I went to MJQ with the best group of people ever. This 32 year old Asian dude we were with breakdanced and it kicked ass.

Today I thought I lost my phone, but Caroline found it under my bed with 15 missed calls. I'm not returning any of them because I'm too damn lazy. I made my dad's birthday present. It's a collage with the quote, "Youth is the gift of nature but age is a work of art." Stanslaw Lec said that. Thought it was appropriate to put on a painting made for an old person's birthday. I went to see Dave Chappell's Block Party. The musical performances were out of this world. Lauren Hill singing "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You" blew me away. And Jill Scott, wow!!! I'm about to make Nicole a collage featuring multiple pictures of James Franco with a sniper rifle targeted at his face. Glorious.
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